College and Career Center







As the Career Guidance Technician in the College and Career Center (CCC) at Silverado High School, I hope to guide every student in the planning of their future.  

Our goal is to have every student in our school graduate with a plan for their future.  We understand there are differences in students, and they all need individual respect and guidance in building their future.  Each student is important and every route to their future is equally important, and we want each student to feel important and excited about their future plan!

Our mission in the CCC is to empower and motivate students to further pursue their goals and aspirations both during and after their high school education.

So, come on by the CCC to take a tour, get an assessment test, see what scholarships are available, complete your FAFSA, fill out applications, and so much more to see what you need to do for a successful future!  I am here to help and guide you through the process!

Ms. D. Richardson