Club Information




  • Complete Club Activation Form and return to Bookkeeper (BK) at the beginning of each school year.

  • ASB Meetings are held every Thursday. Submit requests to BK by Tuesday afternoon. Any requests submitted after Tuesday may be subject to following weeks meeting.  

  • Purchase Order Requests must be submitted anytime money will be spent.

  • Fundraiser Requests must be submitted anytime money will be collected, profit or not.

  • Requests must be signed by Club President and Advisor when submitted to BK. The rest of the signatures will be obtained after ASB approves request.

  • Requests must be approved by ASB before they occur. Club Advisors will be notified when request is approved or denied via email.

  • Checks are cut on Wednesdays. Submit invoices and check requests to BK by Monday afternoon.



Purchases from vendors

  • Receive quote from vendor. Complete PO Request and submit to BK. If for presale, amount is NTE presale amount (NTE=Not to Exceed).

  • Place order after ASB approves request. Invoices dated before approval date will not be paid.

  • Invoice and packing slip must be submitted to BK for payment to vendor.

Reimbursements to advisors and students

  • Preapproval of Reimbursement Form must be completed and submitted to BK with PO Request. 

  • Advisor/student may purchase items after ASB approves PO. Receipts dated before approval date will not be paid. Orders must be shipped to Silverado.

  • After purchases are made, all original receipts must be submitted to BK with Check Request. Any personal items on the receipt will void entire receipt.

  • BK will notify Club Advisor when reimbursement check can be picked up.  


FUNDRAISERS (FR) – ANYTIME money is collected for profit or not

  • Every student will complete a FR Permission Form once per year and are kept with Club Advisor.

  • Complete FR Request and submit to BK.

  • If presale, submit both FR and PO requests together using NTE presale amount for PO amount.

  • Only cash and credit cards with a small fee (at Student Store) are accepted. No personal checks.

  • A Tally Sheet or receipt book must be used when money is not collected by the Student Store.

  • For event-type Fundraisers, see Tickets and Cash Boxes below.



  • Tickets and cash boxes can be checked out from the BK. Receipt books are also available.

  • Two persons must attend cash box at all times. One person must be an adult.

  • Cash box must be delivered to BK immediately after event or no later than the next business day.



    • An Activity Request must be submitted when a club holds an event on or off campus and a PO or FR does not apply.


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