Cyberbullying Parent Resource


Cyberbullying Reseach Center 
The Cyberbullying Research Center is for all stakeholders, whether they be students, parents, educators, or the community. You can find statistics, legal implications, presentations, and book recommendations.  

Excellent resource for educators and parents. Learn to spot the warning signs and identify children who might be cyber bullied. Also provides lessons, fact sheets, and videos to provide support. 

Digital Risk ~ Investigation & Intervention
Informative article outlining the digital risk concerns and what parents can do to support their child if s/he is being cyberbullied.

Common Sense Education
Family Engagement Resources and Digital Citizenship Toolkit. Topics help families navigate the ups and downs of raising kids in the digital age.

Net Family News
This blog from Anne Collier provides timely articles for parents and educators on the latest in technology. Search for topics of concern. Sign up for her weekly email to keep up with the latest with kids and technology.