Books to Check Out

 You can search our collection online and request a book be pulled for you. When it's ready you will get an email from Mrs. Lane ( letting you know it's ready to pick up in the library. The Hold List is generated overnight, so it will be the next day.  You may check out up to three books at one time. 

Go to your favorite app store and search for Destiny Discover. Click on Install, which will be where the screenshot says Update. Go to the next step after installation is complete.   

Now open the app and search for our school. Choose California for Location and Type Silverado for school. Be sure to choose the one that says Victorville.

Once you click the right school you can click on the Log In button. Your user name AND password will be your SIX-digit student ID number. Do NOT add your birth year at the end.       


Once you are logged in you can search for a book to place "on hold".

Just under the top right corner of the white Search Options box, see the circle with the + sign? Click on that to get the Search Options box open. You can search by a keyword, or if you want to explore a specific category, such as Mystery, you can choose that from the dropdown menu under Sublocation. Click on Search on the bottom left.

When you have a list of search results, scroll through. Those that are available will have a green triangle in the upper left that says "IN". [If the triangle is red and says Out, then don't choose that book. If there is no triangle, it is most likely an ebook and only has the option to open, which will take you to Sora, our ebook collection site.] If you want to see more about the book, click on the book cover or title. If it seems like something you'll want to read you then click on the Hold button. Click on Favorite to save it to a list you can look at later.

After clicking on Hold a message will flash across your screen saying the book is ready and to come pick it up - DON'T! You will also have a red notification at the menu to the top left - ignore that too.  Before it's really ready I have to find it. WAIT for an email from me (Kristin Lane). I will automatically receive a list of requested titles each morning, so there will be at least a one day delay on getting any book you request. If I can't find it and you need to choose something else, I will let you know. You can choose up to 3 items to place on hold at one time. 

By the way, if you click on the menu button to the top left and click on Checkouts, you can see any items you have checked out, including textbooks. If you want to know if you have any charges, click on Fines on the menu. The menu is also where you will find a list of items that you have marked as Favorites as you're searching, so you can save interesting titles for another time.