Scholarship Information

VERY FEW students get everything paid for, however, scholarships canmake up the difference!  Many scholarships go unclaimed because no onapplies for them.  One year a student won 13 scholarships and walked outof Silverado with 16,000.00 dollars.  This money along with herfinancial aid made it possible for her to attend 4 years of college andnot pay ANY money.  She left college debt free.

I have had onestudent that received a “FULL RIDE”!  He was gifted with playing thepiano.  He received all monies needed to attend UCLA.  I have had trackstars receive most of the money needed for college.  HOWEVER, this doesnot happen very often.  Football players or basketball players not somuch…Just trying to inform you!

Most scholarships are looking forstudents that have a lot of COMMUNITY SERVICE.  This needs to start asoon as possible, as early as 9th grade!  If you help atchurch, help with your little brothers or sisters sports team, if youhelp the public library or local hospital these activities count ascommunity service.  If you are unable to participate in communityservice because you are responsible for your younger siblings we may beable to include that.  

Students need to focus on the LOCALscholarship opportunities.  There are 40 – 45 scholarships offered frombusinesses and clubs with in the Victor Valley.  These are much easierto win because NO ONE applies for them.  Over 54000 students applied forthe national Bill Gates Millennium scholarship.  Only one studentapplied for the local Doris Davies Scholarship and he won 4000.00 forhis efforts. 

Most scholarships require at least one letter ofrecommendation.  You can get this from a teacher, business person, coachor church leader.  It is best to have this done at the beginning of theschool year so applications are easier to put together.  Come by theCollege and Career center to pick up a student information sheet.  Youwill fill it out and give it to the person that you want to write therecommendation.  This will make it much easier to brag about you!!

Yes you will probably have to write an essay.  No one is going to give you money for filling out an application…..

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