SAT and ACT Testing


Register for test as soon as possible in the fall


You must take the SAT or ACT w/writing test to be accepted to a 4 year college.  CSU’s and UC”s require either the SAT or ACT w/writing test. While the University of California no longer requires 2 SAT subject tests, you should check your major at the specific campus you would like to attend to see if they ”highly recommend” a subject test.  If you are signing up for a Math subject test you MUST take the Math II test.

Private colleges will have their own requirements, be sure to look them up.

You cannot take the SAT reasoning test AND the SAT subject tests on the same day.  You can take one test one month and the other test in another month.  The deadline for testing for CSU’s and the UC’s is the December test date.  The CSU and UC systems will not accept scores from tests taken after December.

Whenyou register for the test you must tell them what colleges you want your test scores sent to.  If you use an SAT fee waiver you have 9 days after you take the test to tell them where you want your scores sent. If you use an ACT fee waiver you have until noon on the first Thursday after you take the test to tell them where you want your scores sent. If you do not use a fee waiver to pay for the test the above instructions still apply. If you do not give them a list of colleges by then, they will charge you 11.00 per score report to send them to colleges. 

To send your SAT scores to all of the Cal State’s please just enter the code 3594.  It will come up Cal State Long Beach Mentor.  This is correct!  Just pick one UC to send your score to and then it will go to all of the UC’s.

To send your ACT scores pick one Cal State and one UC to send them to.  You will use the ACT score manager at to send your ACT scores to other Cal States and UC’s. 

Once you have completed all of your testing you need to go back into your College board or ACT student account and TELL them to send your scores.  Receiving your scores does NOT mean that SAT or ACT sent them to colleges.  This is a separate thing you must do. 

If you qualify for free or reduced lunch you may qualify for a fee waiver for both tests.  If you receive free lunch go to the cafeteria and get the paper that says you do. Take it to the College and Career Center. Mrs. Archer can then give you a test fee waiver.  You are only entitled to 2 fee waivers each for SAT and ACT while you are in high school.  If you register for the test using a fee waiver and don’t take the test you cannot get a replacement fee waiver.

Register for SAT:

Register for ACT:


When you register for the test there will be a lot of questions to answer. If you want colleges to send you information then answer all of the questions.  If you don’t want colleges sending you information DON’T answer all of the questions, just answer the ones with asterisks.  

If you have a social security number you need to put it in your registration.  This is how the colleges match up your application with your test scores. 

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