Financial Aid


To attend a Cal State University will cost between 20,000.00 and 26,000.00 a year! A UC campus will cost between 30,000.00 and 33,000.00 a year.This cost includes the cost of living on the campus.

Private colleges cost much more. USC costs 54,000.00 a year!!

Community College, such as VVC costs only about 1500.00 a year to attend.

Technical schools are very expensive costing about 30,000.00 to 50,000.00 per program. Many of the programs offered at the technical schools can betaken at community college. However, community college will take longer to finish. You must weigh the cost of the technical school with the time factor. It usually works out that Community College is the best value!

While the above figures are staggering, most students qualify for financial aid. Remember the Federal gov’t and the State gov’t want to give you money! AND the college usually has money to contribute!


Financial Aid is free money for education that does not ever have to be paid back. It comes from both the Federal government and the State government. Financial Aid is available for students attending community colleges, technical schools or 4-year colleges and universities. The free federal money is called the Pell Grant. The Pell Grant can be worth as much as 5500.00.The free California money is called the Cal Grant.The Cal Grant can be worth as much as 12,000.00

The government wants to give you free money to go to college if you qualify because you will get a better job with a college degree than with a high school diploma. With that better job you will make more money. The government wants you to make more money so that you can pay more taxes.

You will work for 40 years. The government will give you money for a few years and you will give them more money for 40.

The financial aid-FAFSA-(free application for student aid) application opens January 1. You can start filling it out then. It will ask for your parents 2012 tax information. The government realizes that no one has 2012 tax information in January so you can enter 2011 information. When your parents complete their tax return for 2012 you go back into the application and enter the correct figures.

PARENTS:You must give your student the above information or they CANNOT fill out the application. This website is totally safe for them to use. If you do not give them this information, they cannot get free money AND may be living on your couch for the next 40 years because they cannot get a JOB making enough money to support themselves….

If you do not live with your parents please see Mrs. Archer.

You apply at This is the official website. Any other website is not official and many will try to charge you for this application. It is a FREE application.

You will need your social security number and your parent’s social security numbers. You will have to apply for a PIN number for yourself and one of your parents. This will be how you sign the application. If you have older brothers or sisters that have gone to college your parent may already have a PIN. Be sure to ask them! You will be asked a security question the ONLY security question you are allowed to use is “what city were you born in?” Use this question for your PIN and your parent’s PIN. Use YOUR answer for both PIN numbers.

The California money,Cal Grant, is applied for through Silverado High School. The student just needs to verify that Silverado High School has the correct social security number for the student. Silverado will apply electronically for the students.

Students need to make sure that the top school they want to attend is on their FAFSA as the first school they list. Cal Grant will send the California money ONLY to the college they list first on their FAFSA application. If the student changes their mind regarding their top choice college they need to go to www.calgrants.organd change where their Cal Grant is sent to.

Students that do not have a social security number apply for financial aid This is a very safe site and the money is available from California. PLEASE fill out this application if you want to attend community college, technical school or 4 year college or university.

While you may get estimates from FAFSA and CAL GRANT (California Student Aid Commission) the college will let you know how much you receive in Financial Aid. PLEASE check your campus portals for this information!!!

The College and Career Center holds many financial aid workshops during January and February. If you would like help with this process please sign up for a workshop.
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