Community College

The only requirement to attend a community college is a high school diploma. Your high school grades are not looked at nor are the classes you took. There is no testing required to be admitted. You will apply for financial aid in January. You will apply to community college in early spring of your senior year.

Community college serves several purposes:

You can attend for 2 years then transfer to a four year college and complete your last 2 years there.

You can attend community college and receive an AA degree.

You can attend community college, learn a skill and receive certificates.

2 years and transfer—you will take General Education classes. These will be Science, Math, English and others at the college level. You complete 60 units and transfer. The CSU’s have a TAA (transfer admittance agreement) contract. The UC’s have 6 (not Berkeley, UCLA or San Diego)campuses that have TAG (transfer admittance guaranteed) contracts. CSU’sand UC’s LOVE transfer students. If you have completed 2 years of community college the 4-years know that you are interested in education.They would like you on their campus. You must decide where you want to transfer early. Go to the transfer center at the community college and talk to the counselors about the SPECIFIC classes you will need to transfer to a particular college. Each college and major will have their own classes you will need to take to transfer there.

2 years and AA degree— You will take general education classes AND classes for the major you are interested in.

Certificates-you attend classes that are only about what you are interested in and you will learn a skill. You are not required to take any classes that do not teach you the area you are interested in. You can become an auto mechanic, a welder, flower designer, etc. You will only go to school fora short period of time.


Following is a list of some of the certificates you can earn at community college. Every community college will have a different list of certificates that they offer.

Administrative Assistant Fire fighter

Animal Science Technician Floral Design

Automotive Mechanic Forensic Specialist

Aviation Maintenance Geospatial Technician

Bookkeeping Geographic Information Systems

Broadcasting and Cinema Home Health Aide

Building Inspection Hotel and Food Service Management

CADD Drafting Industrial Electrical Technology

Child Development/ Pre School Teacher Interior Design

Coaching International Studies

Computer Game Development Journalism

Home Health Aide Landscape Specialist

Construction Management Medical Assistant

Construction Technology Medical Insurance Billing

Correctional Science Nursing Assistant

Culinary Arts Nutrition and Food

Dance Paralegal

Data Entry Payroll and tax preparer

Dental Assisting Phlebotomy Technician

Dietetic Services Pharmacy Technician

Digital Animation Radiological Technology

Digital Photography Real Estate

Drafting Technician Restaurant Management

Educational Paraprofessional Small Business Entrepreneur

Emergency Medical Technician Vocational Nurse

Engineering Technology Web Design

Fashion Design Welding

Fashion Merchandising

Financial Planner






If you are not sure of the career you want to go into please go to and take the assessment surveys.

This will tell you what careers would be good for your interests.
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