Cal State Informaiton

When applying to any college or university please make sure yourname matches your test score name and the name on your high schooltranscripts!!! PLEASE do NOT change your last name in your senior year.Coordinating all of the information at the college campus from thevarious sources proves very difficult when names do not match exactly.Your application and/or financial aid may be put on hold!

PLEASE make sure you enter your social security number correctly on ALL forms.

CAL STATE INFO website is FANTASTIC!!. You can get information aboutall 23 cal state and all 9 UC campuses. You can find out which campusesoffer your major. There is also a “Planning for College” tab that isvery helpful. Create an account; enter your classes and grades. You willfind out your GPA and what classes you still need to complete regardingA-G requirements. While under the “Planning for College” tab click onthe High School Students tab, on the right is very valuable information.See Mrs. Archer for help with this website.


Apply at

Must have GPA of 2.0 or better (based ONLY on your 10 and 11 grade grades!!)

Pass all A-G classes with a “C” or better

(If you received a “D” or “F” in an A-G class just make it up before the end

of your senior year)

SAT or ACT w/writing test

NO EARLY OUT on senior schedule


CalStates and UC’s got together and created a list of classes that allhigh school students would need to take in order to qualify for 4 yearcollege. Many private colleges use this list also. You must complete 15A-G classes with a “C” or better by the end of your senior year.

A-G classes

1 year of World History and 1 year of U S History

4 years of English

3 years of math Alg I, Alg II, Geometry required, Higher math desired

2 years of lab science, choose from Biology, Chemistry or Physics

2 years of the same foreign language (Spanish for Spanish Speakers counts as 2 years)

1 year visual or performing art

1 extra year in any of the above—math, science, foreign language, AVID or some A-G electives. See Mrs. Archer with any questions

Thecloser your GPA is to 2.0 the higher your SAT or ACT test scores mustbe. The CSU uses an index for admissions. They will only look at yourmath and English scores

How to figure you CSU index

(Your GPA ) x 800 + Your SAT Total

>>> My index is ______

(Your GPA ) x 200 + (10 x ACT Comp)

>>> My index is ______

  • eligibility index


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