What is PBIS?

PBIS focuses on the school-wide support of all students, and an emphasis on implementation practices and systems. As a result, PBIS is defined as a framework for enhancing the adoption and implementation of a continuum of evidence-based behavior interventions to achieve academically and behaviorally important outcomes for all students.

As a “framework,” the emphasis is on a process or approach, rather than a curriculum, intervention, or practice. The “continuum” notion emphasizes how evidence-based behavioral practices are organized within a multi-tiered system of support, also called “response-to-intervention.”  Finally, the important supportive relationship between positive school- and classroom-wide culture and individualized student success is emphasized.

What are School-Wide Expectations?

The Center on PBIS says school-wide expectations represent the social, emotional, and behavioral skills you want to see from everyone in the building. Rather than focusing on what NOT to do, these expectations establish how TO do school in every classroom, cafeteria, and common space. Your schoolwide expectations reflect what you value as a community and set the stage for creating a positive school culture. 

At Silverado High School, our Hawks SOAR and exemplify being Safe, Outstanding, Accountable, and Responsible

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